Chess game

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I got a little inspired after watching Queen"s Gambit. Not only to return to play chess but also create a chess-involved project in blender :wink: . I took inspiration from one of the tournament scene in the series and made this scene around that.
Modeled in blender 2.83. Rendered in cycles on 600 samples with 3840 x 2160 resolution (took around 7hrs for single image). Colour balance and messing with passes in Gimp.
More pictures


Enjoy :wink:


Perfection! Care to make a tutorial on how you achieved this lighting or at least some snapshots? This is really nice!

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Thanks :wink: Hmm… I don’t know if any new tutorial is needed in this topic :slight_smile:
It’s just sun lamp, bright world colour and cube surrounding whole scene with principled volume. In post I added volume light pass to already rendered image.
If you’d like more information let me know :wink:

Hey, thanks for the quick response. Yes! I just find it fascinating how your approached the lighting and the volume settings. I’ve never used the principled volume in lighting so I just wanted to see how you approached it.

I love the atmosphere, the lighting. Very good work

Very nice!

@LutzFl @pxlpaul Thanks guys! :wink:

Ok. In the lower left window is shading setup for selected cube working as volumetric. In lower right/middle is setup for world shading. Additionally there is sun lamp visible on upper window which is standard sun lamp with yellowish tint and high strength (around 40). I hope it’ll answer your questions. I’m no expert so I used basic setups that worked in my case. :slight_smile:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Made my day :sparkling_heart: Thanks Bart :wink:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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looks great !

Really nice :smiley:
Since I didn’t watch the show (yet) my only question is:
Does the pictured position originate from the show itself and does it come from an actual Queen’s Gambit opening? :wink:

@bartv Thanks!!! That’s much appreciated :wink:
@Tillindy @Trichter Thanks :wink:
It’s not Queen’s Gambit opening. It’s middle game from one of famous games I found online.

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I really love this image, but I still would like to offer the constructive suggestion that "the environment appears positively smoky."

Also, we really see only one color [family …] here: “tan.” Kinda boring … For instance – “what if you painted the walls?” What if the floor was covered with ceramic tiles? Can you think of any props that a chess-dungeon might plausibly have?

Thanks :wink:

Well, that’s really good. It means that I achived the look I wanted :wink:

Could you elaborate more? Floor - I prefer wood than any tiles. Also in such halls wooden floor is more appropriate. Walls are painted dark green.
I can’t answer more that they look like I wanted :frowning: The focus points should be tables lit by sunbeams.
If you have any more ideas that can improve the image I’m open to any suggestions :wink:

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I wrote the article about creating this scene in Behind the Scenes on BlenderNation if you’re interested more about creating process :wink:

Very atmospheric realism! My kids have been playing in a chess club for years. Very recognizable!