chess pawn

The texture was something the random texture generator ‘materializer’ gave me. I just changed the color and removed some unnecesary texture layers.

see also:


the wood looks nice for procedural texture,

nice pawn too

did you use the BlenderNation Pawn in a Hurry tutorial?

There is a BlenderNation Pawn in a Hurry tutorial? I did miss that! Do you have a link? I just googled for pawns and draw a mixture of two pawns I found on paper and then I modeld something similar with blender.
I inserted a circle (32 vertics) and extruded it. After every extrude I scaled the new circle so I get this form. The sphere at the top is a UV-Sphere I inserted and merged with the rest. That’s all.

the model looks correct, but im not liking that texture. a slightly smaller texture size and lighter colours with less difference between the two would make it look a bit more wood like imo.

for the tutorial check (duh;))