Chess Pieces (free Wallpaper)

(KarlAndreasGroß) #1

Hi all, this is my latest model, a set of rigged chess pieces:

For all that don’t know how to play chess, i added a pose library to the rigges figures, so that a real life tournament game can be reproduced with it. If you like to support my work, you can purchase the chess pieces at blendermarket.
The pieces using procedural wood shaders. You can use the attached images as free wallpaper as you like.

Thanks for watching!


(mazedev) #2

damn i like this alot. care for explain the composition?

(KarlAndreasGroß) #3

Hi mazedev,
thanks for the good comment; is used a simple root 3 setup for the image, as it is 16:9. Or Do you mean the Post Processing? Its mostly film look emulation, a bit vignette, a bit color grading and film grain.

(TripleDRenderin) #4

The chess game rendering looks very cool.