Chess Set

Hi all.
This is the second thing i have posted here. Its only a chess board but it still took me a little while to do.
Would any one like to leave any comments or suggestions? Anything at all.

I think the base of the pawns should be a bit smaller

I dunno. They have a sort of feel to them and with all of the other pieces. I think that the fat pawns are just a style of doing it. I mean there are tons of designs fir chess sets out there. Why not do something different? I personally like it!

I should of done something a little more original. I’ll work on this a little more.
Thnx for the comments guys. :slight_smile:

There’s nothing wrong with modelling a chess set, it’s a good way to learn certain things. I made one too a couple of years back or so.

Tweak your lighting a bit. The highlights are a bit “blown out”, and there are some absolute blacks in the shadows. This restricts what you can do with the image should you want to tweak it in post. You can use the levels adjustment in Photoshop or Gimp to see whether this is the case, although it’s better to fix your original lighting than to try and autoadjust it in filters (prevent colour banding).
Hosting images: I hate following links to see what someone’s shown. Have you tried ?

Im not sure if these 2 images are any better. I changed the materials and lighting. Took your advice. The first has no pro but the second has auto levels adjustment in photoshop.
I hope i have posted the links correctly. Im hoping the thumbnails will appear before your redirected.
Let me know if i should do anything else
Thnx all again.
EDIT: Sry, first image didn’t work.

Those are a lot better.
Don’t worry about having used post manip on the second one. I only mentioned it as a general guide to try to get with your lighting in the “as close as you can” sense. If you took my words too literally, all images would have to be the same shade of grey. Post manip to an image is a good thing, just easier if the picture is balanced to start with.
I think the forum post imageshack gives with capitals is the one that works best on this forum.