Chess set.

Just a chess set I made. The knight I got from somebody else, I forget the name, but props to you man!


I like your style of pieces. Tall and skinny. Very nice!

As the post above stated, the “tall and skinny” chess pieces are COOL!
But as far as i can remember(and i am a bit of a chess geek(my best friend is playing against adult world chess champions, and hes only 14 lol)), the chess pieces in your render are WAY to big for the board.
If you scaled em all down a bit, i think it would look a bit better. :slight_smile:

With the tallness and the shape of the disks at the tops of the Queen/King/Bishop, the set has kind of a sci-fi feel to me. Maybe you should scrap the Knights, and make your own continuing on that theme?

Are you talking height, or the size of their base compared to the squares? Although they seem a little tall, the base size doesn’t seem to bad. The height isn’t really a bad thing either, in my opinion, just a little non-standard.

Maybe you should scrap the Knights

I agree. They do look a little out of place.