Chess set

Could use some lighting/texturing tips here! Fairly happy with the pieces (modelling wise) however the materials along with the texturing/lighting of the scene need a lot of work.

Some tips would be great! :eyebrowlift:

add some mirror reflection to the wood and pieces like .1-.2 and also add gloss of about .85-.9\

for world texture add a hdri image or angmap texture, check horizon, uncheck blend.
your light is kind of in the wrong direction for this scene…
either add another one on the opposite side or add a hemi at about .1

or 3point light setup would probably work for this.
put one light in the bottom left corner one in the bottom right and one in the back of the picture.
dont make them to strong it will overpower the scene.
if you use AO up it to mul at about .5-6 , no env light.

Thanks. I’ll get to it!