hey guys, i made this chess board few months ago as many other projects and due to same reason of bad lighting i retouched this project again n render it out with new lighting and composition!
So have a look n C&C welcome.
created in blender 2.79b
cycles render
500 samples each render
check in HD on artstation:

For facebook:


Nicely-imagined chess set.

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Thank you! i got this lighting idea from ice & fire song from game of thrones… already season 8 is in play…watching a lot of same lighting scenes!

nice work !!!

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Thanks @alf0

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I’d add some surface imperfections, maybe even mesh damage, and use HDRI lighting for reflections, it will look much more realistic.

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i know @Acrivec but i wanted to made it with fire & ice Lighting style like game of thrones!
Kinda dead vs living

Then still - either wooden opening style, that will require some kind of wear-off, and ice/fire means reflections so either hdri or some hand-made hollow sphere with sun model in the middle so that ice have actually something to reflect, not plain background and one lamp. :wink:

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it had reflection of Light actually even looks cool… but i felt it might wont look that cool… so i hiked up the roughness… @Acrivec
but if you say then i will let the reflection shine then!
it shine like light is being emitted from intense source of light!

Rough reflection like now is still a reflection. :wink:

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yea but as per you say i need less roughness!