Bam! 10 minutes to make. 5 minutes to render! :smiley:
I’m working on speed blending. So far, this one isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. But I wish I had more time to work on it…

Blender internal engine, no editing

Also… I can’t really model chess pieces… even if I had 10 years to make this…

For a Speed-Modeling challenge it’s quite good, but i wouldn’t have posted that in finished projects though. You should try working on it a little more. Try making an interesting scene out of it, maybe place the chessboard it on a table, put some of the figures on their sides. And it’s rendered in BI i suppose? try Cycles with a basic glas material. maybe rough glass? You can make much more out of it with just some more work.

For a speed model… It’s a finished artwork…
This was for a class. I don’t have the file anymore. I can’t do anything else with it.
So I don’t really need a critique on it…

Not bad for 10 minutes but yeah, it does need some work to be called a finished project. Even changing the background to pure white or black would help this. And some HDRI. And some compositing. 10 minutes to do something like this is IMHO too little. Give yourself some time.

Well… to me… it’s finished…

everyone does a chess render…

dansafee- no. Not everyone does. I haven’t, and I’m pretty sure all count in the circle of everybody.

McThingy- reminds me of fantasy chess, not sure why.

Shiny! :smiley:

Finally one good reply. Thank you… :slight_smile:

Bravo! And so it is, and well done, too! :slight_smile: I especially like the interesting perspective … where you’ve chosen to put the camera, and how you use the light gray color of the opposing pieces to suggest depth. It’s a nice shot.

But I do wonder about one small thing … how big is that chessboard? Is it, in fact, 8x8?

Nevermind. Don’t let 'em grind 'ya down. This is good stuff.

Yes, it is 8x8
And thank you so much!
Our teacher told us to do this for a project, she wanted us to make something in ten minutes. And I made this in ten minutes. :smiley:
Not sure what my grade will be though… :eek:

You use Blender in school?

That and 3ds max, maya, and something else i couldn’t remember. For right now the main is blender, because it’s free. But we’re using it to learn what to do and what not to do while rendering and animating and stuff like that.