This is what i have so far, a plain chessboard with all it’s respective pieces (which i have modeled separately myself)
My question is how to get this looking nice! How can i make it like this?

are you rendering using blender internal renderer, or cycles?

That was a render done using cycles

you need more nodes, like a glossy node, and maybe some others. then put them through a mix node, or nodes, then, into your composite node.

I’ve pretty much got the board down but i’m not sure for my pieces…
Chess (581 KB)

  1. The example looks like heavy glass. You might want to jury rig an absorption node from Gottfried Holman’s excellent tut .
  2. A mix factor of 1.5 is meaningless AFAIK, anything above 1 is just fully shader 2, why and where did you get that idea?
  3. Two point source lights of that weakness is not enough! Go with circular meshlights.

There were some issues but it’s a great start.

You have a lot of doubles (probably from your spins), and they need to be removed and the normals recalced. You have a solidify on every piece including those which are already closed solids (which is most of them). If you want the glass to look right you should take the bishop and rook and just close them by hand. The others are already solid (king/queen didn’t look??). There’s a bunch of other stuff, but I am exhausted and heading to sleep. I made the gross changes to get it looking like a cross between the reference and the color scheme you had in the blend. This is the most basic setup possible. No light path node tricks or compositing, that can come later once the other stuff is fixed. Just glass/gloss/diffuse and a mesh light. Have a look if you like, and feel free to ask any questions.
chess-revised2.blend (1.91 MB)

Ahh my god that’s exactly what i wanted thank you so much!! The chess board looks perfect:3
There’s nothing i want to really change about the pieces but i need to ask you if i should add something to the background or something like that, it just doesn’t seem complete…

I would recommend closing the other pieces, or just eliminating them and moving the rest of the pieces around to make it a game in progress.

As for the rest of the scene, Yes! make something. You can’t just have a snazzy glass chess set floating in space. Adding a scene around it will increase it’s look immeasurably and it will add needed reflections to the glass. You probably want some low strength hdri environment lighting too.

Add some scenery and play with the lighting and camera angle and start a WIP. It’s a great way to stay motivated on a model and get great ideas.

Your move.

hm. didn’t realize there was a ‘glass’ node. now I know.

Glass is great, it does water/juices quite nicely too. And of course things made from glass, like a glass chess set.