Chevrolet Camaro based on a sketch.

This was supposed to be a super quick project, but is taking an eternity, like always.

So I’m posting here at such an early stage in the hope that it will keep me going.

Critiques welcome.


i started modelling this a while ago and then stopped in frustration…please don’t do the same lol Looks good so far!

Dont stop
one of the best :eyebrowlift:

Some progress.


Nicely done. :slight_smile:
Looking for more.

Hah. I am in the same position. I want to make a model of my car, a Toyota Yaris. Simple car, right? Cheap. Reliable. But it has all these little nooks and crannies, and the reference pictures I have (of my car) are shiny, so it’s a bit hard to see. So, I’m doing something else instead.

In fact, my original plan was to make a “doll house” sort of thing with a flat, people, and a car. I’m limiting myself to the person, because the car is so finicky to model. :slight_smile:

I’m finished with the modeling, detailed head, tail and fog lights being the only things remaining.

But how the f**k did I forget to mention that I’m not using the production Camaro’s blueprints? In fact, I’m modeling from this sketch here, done by the car’s designer, this is a sketch from the early stage of the design process, and obviously too wild for production.
I wanted to capture the dynamism and aggressiveness of the sketch, and also model without blueprints for a change.

As a result, things are very disproportionate and my car actually looks hideous from some angles. But I’m happy with the end result, for now.

I welcome critiques on my interpretation of the sketch, and what I could change. (say it even if it is a basic change that will require massive changes to the mesh)

I think there is definitely an issue with the wheels, the rear wheels seem to be to small or maybe the car’s rear is too big.
NOTE: The diffuser and tires are not an issue, they just have a couple of modifiers disabled in the viewport)


Quick studio setup for materials testing.

My hardware doesn’t seem to be enough for cycles, so I might just have to look to BI or Yafaray.


I call the modeling finished and conclude it with a couple of crappy low res clay renders.

Now begins the stage where I make a zillion shitty renders before I get bored of this car.


yeah crisp great work bro!

looks pretty cool man the roof looks a bit low though like there wouldn’t be enough head room

About the roof, I think it’s the angle, and the fact that I used a low lens value. I’ve checked it with the production model blueprints, and it seems to be OK. It is a little unrealistic, but I don’t mind that if it looks good.

For that and other areas I’m posting the side view, which I didn’t earlier because of how disproportionate some parts are.

Feel free to critique anything, especially if the rear wheel is too small or if the front is too high. I’ve kept he model light for editability.


In my opinion the front and rear bumpers are way too low. For aerodynamics the rear should be more curved up for better downforce. The front bumper should more or less align to to the sidebumpers, it just doesn’t look right for me :wink:

Anything else is really nice!

Well I think the rear bumper is indeed too low, and I’ve moved it up a little.
But about the front, I thought it was too high!:confused:

I’m posting all views this time, so the model is pretty much up to be taken apart.

Sketching all the views would have saved me a lo of this trouble, something I’ll make sure next time.

Feel free to say if something still looks weird, and do see the sketch in post#7.


Hope you don’t mind, I scribbled my thoughts in your renders.

See the angles are much more balanced in my scribble, yours are extreme on both ends.

Didn’t see your link to the sketch the first time :o

If you’re going to make it drastic like the sketch, then don’t mind my concerns :wink: