Chevy Camaro (huge WIP)

ok, so i’ve been trying to teach myself how to do 3D modeling with blender and for one of my first projects i decided to model a chevy camaro, so i did. i think it doesn’t look half bad, but i’m not sure.

object mode: it lacks tons of details and stuff, but i think it resembles the basic shape. any pointers?

as for the render, i have no idea how it got messed up, but…it did.

render: i don’t really want to progress until i can fix this problem.

Like X2Eliah, I would suggest deleting the giant ngons you have created and follow good topology rules (Use quads). The model looks good except that you created ngons which should be used sparingly instead of for entire models. Using the F2 addon may help to quicken the quad adding (User preferences > addons > search F2). Look into the F2 addon to see how it works, and it will be really helpful in speeding up the repetitive task of creating quads.


Ummmm google topology, study study study