Chibi Character model continued

(Lapland) #1

Hi Guys,

Updates :

So i picked up an old project of mine, it was never completed as i immigrated to another country. I haven’t gotten too far and have had to scrap most of the work done save for the Base mesh.

The Base mesh needed to be re worked i added more detail and fixed some of the proportions, I would like to know what you think?

This week i have been working on the Armor, i used the Bravely Default game characters as a reference.

As for what i want or where i want to go with this, I initially wanted to go low poly for game creation, but I feel like this would be a great high poly project, and no i cant sculpt :frowning: one day … but not today.

Well still a lot to do, finishing up on the armor and should be done by the end of the week…hopefully. im slow… :slight_smile:

will be updating the first post image.

(anas) #2

this looks like a nice begining !!!

(Lapland) #3

@alf0 Thank you! I am dying inside a little bit because there is so much to do and too little time.

(anas) #4

yeah, i can understand that … lots of stuff to do !!! :slight_smile:

(Lapland) #5

Ok so body and armor done currently at 4000 ish tris, just mostly been tweaking and getting the positioning of the “coat” right, next up unwraping, I have no idea what materials I am going to use as the reference artwork I have is ambiguous and manga style armor defies the laws of everything.

one step at a time i suppose :slight_smile:

C&C more than welcome

(Lapland) #6

Just a mini update, getting there slowly, still lots of paint to do.

hope you all had an amazing christmas!

(BluePrintRandom) #7

<3 <3 <3 <3

Love it.

(Lapland) #8

@BluePrintRandom thank you ^^

Update so far, getting some finer details in, still more to do, my painting is a bit rough but it adds character :smiley:

(Lapland) #9

Spent some time on the face, re painted the eyes and eyebrows added her mouth, really starting to get some character now :blush:

(aaronh) #10

This is looking pretty awesome!

(Lapland) #11

Thank you !

So i have put the proverbial paintbrush down. I am very happy with the way she turned out, next up. sword and board!

(Lapland) #12

So Im done, cant think anymore, i wanted to add a sword and shield but it didn’t work out. and I’m starting to lose motivation. Thank you all for joining me on this journey, its been emotional. :slight_smile:

On to smaller projects!