Chibi Fighter

A new project I just started working on. Low poly Chibi Character. I don’t model characters that often, so I decided to start this project.


Small update to the Character model face.

separate polygon face for eyes
nose shape

Fixed some of the verts that weren’t merged properly.

And currently working on UVs for the character.


Great, how much time to do it?

Thanks. I was working on this on and off, few hours a day. So 2 -3 days in total. I just finished UV few days ago too.

That’s pretty cool! I’m doing a Kakashi model, do you have any tips for doing the hair? Is that separate from the head itself or did you contour it from the base?

cool ! doing hair is always tricky. For my character, I made a base head mesh first. Then used the knife tool to carve the shape out. From there, I extruded the polygons to make base hair mesh using symmetry modifier. Then extruding front hair parts separately and modifying the hair shape from there. The head and the hair are one mesh.
You can also try making the hair separately and then attaching it to your head mesh.

Good luck with your model !


This my newest update to the character model. Finished UV as well.
I also uploaded the obj, fbx, and blend file to this site.


I will have to try that, never done hair yet, always wanted to try that shape tool also hahaha