"Chicken" - Oscurart Render + Making Of

Hi Guys!
My last work, “Chick”.
Render with Cycles.

Scroll down for see the making! :ba:



This looks amazing; especially the shaders! Looking forward to seeing the “behind the render” :yes:

Great job! This is amazing. :slight_smile: I love how cute he is!

fantasic, you’re use of particle systems is brilliant :slight_smile: inspiring. 5*

Genial! it looks really cool man, can’t wait to see the whole making of :slight_smile:

The Making part 1:

The body wire.
The model has a lower volume to compensate with hair.

The hair:
Two systems, head and body.
Children = 500
Steps = 3 (all memory I have)
Memory usage 5,5 gb… :no:

Render guides:
The hair direction is very important.
With the new “curve” options you can drive the roughness and clump very easy!

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The legs!
I started with a common geometry… but… in the end dyntopo wass better.

The beak!
The model is poly by poly, with a simple multiresolution deformer.

Vertex groups!
The hair is controlled by groups.
The body is using the head group… but inverted!

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So fluffy! The particles in the air give it a slight rough fell, so nice :slight_smile:

Other version, with other color temperature!

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Lovely - only thing I wonder about is the thickness of the legs and feet - I have chicks we got here, and they are very thin there - but this of course might be older than what I have here. Thanks for sharing the making of too!

so fluffy :3

did not think it was possible to do that with cycles !

but it does look very nice indeed!

wish there was a way to make feathers like that ! LOL

happy cl

Hi Ricky! Nice to see you again! you’re welcome!
I share with us the viewport!

Thanks for the comments!

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Man your chicken is pretty credible, you bird is very realistic for my, I don’t understand why some times some excellent works are unnotice, where the people put his effort to made all 100% to the scratch with this tool… you have my 5 stars.