Chicko - Trailer

Hi Blender Artists,

Two years ago I decided to learn Blender, during this process I then decided to create my own animated short film. After some intensive work I’m happy to finally release the Trailer of Chicko.

I wrote an article on Medium where I explain my workflow step by step. Feel free to take a look if you are interested:



Is this all Blender, or are other 3D apps. involved?

Chicko looks cute by the way. Having looked at actual chicks before, the down can look pretty dang soft and fine depending on the age.

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I used Substance Painter for the texturing. Everything else is made with Blender.

Well done model, but animation is bad:

  • Many many face expressions without no idea behind that.
  • Focus on what you want to show and set the best camera angle on that. It’s hard to see why person falls at the ground.
  • Minimize logos and text blocks timing
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