Chilbi Team/Game Thread

This is a display of the inventory he asked be to complete. The inventory is pretty simple, anything with a pickup property will be checked to see if its value starts with “item_”, If that is true than it will be stored in an inventory list. The example blend is here:
Inventory Testing.blend (957 KB)
For now the inventory prints to the compiler screen thing, every time you collect stuff. I don’t know what else alamkira wants me to do. PLEASE CONTACT ME!

I will post screenshots as well.
EDIT: Instead of screen shots i posted a short video. PS. Sorry but the video was my first time so you can barely here my voice…(I TRIED!!! ><)
The Video can be downloaded by the link

hey sanjay whats up?i tried out your demo and i am really amazed:eek: with the inventory system:eyebrowlift: u think u could teach me some python:o
if possible do u think u could make some ai,if you want to do any other partsof the game please let me know.the shoe as a pickup was a really good idea.if anyone wants to join please let me or sunjay know,even if you dont know much blender.:wink:

thanks in advance

EDIT:how would i use your inventory in chibii im a little confused?

well first things first before i put the inventory into our game i need you to fix the things that i wrote on your profile. =) those are kinda important and with out them our team cant function.

First Post that i sent you.

Ok. So i got a few things to say. First, when you make a game with other people its important to name the logic bricks so that they can understand it too. Second, the walking sound should be on loop stop not loop end, because otherwise it sounds bad and its annoying. Also, your sound when you collect coins is really annoying. A, I cant find the logic for it, B, It goes on and on and on and on. The games a really good concept but it needs to be more user friendly. I would be happy to do the logic and I will look into the inventory thing. Is this your first game? because if it is you should check mine out. Look at the file and look at the logic. It should all be named and easy to read.


Ps. Im also going to fix your camera work because you cant see anything besides the player. check out the game that i am sending you.

Second One:

I forgot one thing. You also should keep all actions separate for organizational purposes. For example, in one of your bricks, the animation starts at 20 and ends at 74. those frames could have been put into a separate action. Good game though.

The points i made are very important for the functionality and modality of our game.

UPDATE!!! I re-updated the inventory system now we can create one of those games where you need special keys and stuff to oped doors. xD I made and textured it so that you can now view the inventory!!!

here is the link! HURRAY!

Press “i” or press the “I” Icon in the corner to view the inventory!! As you collect items they will show up!

PS. At some point we should have a conference call. To go over the scripts and so that it is easier to explain them. =)

Just tell me when your available (This week!)

the sound are played by an empty somewhere in the scene,ill fix the stuff u talked about and reupload chibii(very cool inventory)

mhmm. Im working on the boss AI programming im also working on the portals and stuff. I made keys and i made a wall that breaks when you shoot at it. I also made some other stuff that we can talk about later. please tell me when you are able to do the conference call.

PS. How old are you??

12 how old r u(im guessing around 14)

oh my god i cant believe what a mess of logic bricks i had:o.
heres the cleaned up version i changed the sounds and actios and logic bricks

Thank you for making the changes. I made the portal script that can transfer our character through levels. I also started on the boss(The first boss is a cube right???) I designed him and im about to program him. I did allot of stuff and i would really like us to get into contact either by phone or by like msn webcam or something…I will post a blend file soon.

so where do u live,so that i can figure out the time zones,i live in dubai.

haha. Really?? Oh well then thats gonna be fun…Im in Canada…ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!!! haha. oh well. i guess we have to deal with that. do you have msn? or anything like that??

Edit: I just looked it up. your only 10 hours ahead. thats not that bad. you will get this message at 8:08. haha.

I am going to start adding my stuff to the chilbi files. now that i have them. what i need you to do is make level one. be as creative as possible and keep the theme dark and awesome! I will do the level one boss. if you ever need textures just look on the internet or ask me.

By the way, are you hindu??? Im just wondering…

nope im muslim

kool. i think you should design level 1 like the level part i will work on the character and the boss level.

ok sunjay il finish it and post it

i dont have any ideas for the level could u give me some

Um just do what ever you want…here ill post my level thing…I re updated your character and did alot of changes. im not done yet. just use this as a base. make sure you use the door that i made at the end of the level. i will post the level in a few minutes.

Make sure you play it first. I made lots of changes to the guy im not done yet. tell me what you think.

-Arrow Keys
-A: Jump
-S: Throw
-D: Default weapon.

Download Here!!!

The Default weapon is so that the person has something to shoot even when he has no bricks or bowling balls. In the boss level(Which you get to by shooting the brick walls and getting the keys) there are auto cannons just shoot one and it will auto-matically track the boss and kill him.

Tell me what you think!!

One last thing. if you can dont add the character group into the level yet. im gonna add the health bar.