Child hair particles going crazy on animated character

I have a rigged character with hair simulation using child particles in the simulation. I rigged and animated the character and a few, seemingly random clusters of child particles flip out when the character is animated. I tried adjusting most of the particle settings, I tried changing the modifier stack order, and all kinds of other tests. Here is a short animation I rendered.

It mostly flips out around the middle of the ears. I have tried deleting the offending parent particles and changing the child seed value, when one problem cluster goes away, it seems like another one or two will pop up. Any suggestions on a way to fix this?

Have you tried adding weight on the parents?

I played around with weights in the particle mode, there wasn’t any effect on the problem. I don’t have hair dynamics turned on either.

you might need to add physics in order for it to work right, depending on which blender you’re using.