Child of the child of the child of the child....

Hello Masters!
I’ve made a character and i have a little organization problem.
I have the body on level 1 and the eyes with 2 lamps with “layer” thicked on level 2.
My character is animated and i parented the body to an armature.
I think I messed up the situation because I parented also the eyes on the same armature so when I move the armature I can move the body and the eyes at the same time, but the lamps??
I think I made it wrong. :confused:
Now my question is:
How can I organize the things in a way that if I select the armature I can move all the parts of my character (body, eyes, lamps)?
Thank you guys!

parent the lamps to the eyeballs. Eyeballs are usually tracked to using a rotation constraint to see an eyefocus bone that hangs out in front of the character. See the BSOD wiki on character animation. The eyefocus bone is part of the armature and moves with the master bone. The eyeballs should be children of the head bone that turns the head.
i think. or maybe not. there’s so many wayz to do things around here…

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