Title: Childhood

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop.” -Confucius

Inspired by the thoughts and ambitions of children.

Modeling, texturing, and node compositing: Blender
Shading, lighting, and rendering: Cycles
Post processing: GIMP

Blender scene screenshot:

5 stars from 5 :slight_smile: thank you

really good image. I like it.

nicely done. Gallery?

Thanks, guys. :slight_smile: -Reyn

very nicely done! can you share the node settings for the spores/dandelion seeds? they look really nice. Also did you do the DOF with the Cycles camera aperature, if so can we see that as well?


Thanks. However, they are just simple setups; I’m not sure if they’re of any help but here:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


thanks for posting them, it’s just nice to see how other’s achieve their effects. I asked about the camera because you achieved a very clean defocus, I’ve personally been adjusting the “blades” parameter and wonder what difference it makes.

great imagination and execution.