Children in camps(please don't close)

Hey people, first things first. For the mods and admins… please don’t close, this matters, I don’t want to open this thread as a political statement, however, a few days ago it came to my attention that the following is going on in the Netherlands:

There’s this place, called CAMP Zeist(IMO, the word camp should be removed from the dictionairy), which is practically a prison for illegal immigrants and even terrorists(!!!). Now those two groups of people placed together is a disgrace in the first place, but that’s not what this is about. In fact, a lot of children(even as young as 4(!!!) years old and born in the Netherlands) are placed in these groups of terrorists and placed in solitary confinement from time to time, can you imagine?
These children had a visit from their friends, who brought presents, toys and such, which were discarded and thrown into a garbagecan in front of their eyes.

All I want to state is: PEOPLE! are we going to let this happen? PLEASE, any contacts you might have with the press. Contact them, tell them about this… this… ah man… I can’t even explain the impalpable rage and fury inside myself, so I’ll quit writing, but I thought this was important enough to place it here… if it gets locked, ban me or whatever, this is important enough to give up anything…

Allright, how do you know about this? First-hand or from someone else?

Via the media… I don’t even want to participate in a society that pulls this sh*t off…

I’m not sure what to say.

Ok…but can you prove any of this?

I know how you feel man, this world has so much evil. Sometimes I don’t even want to live in a world such as this one. Some people need to die, (the kind that do things like this) just to make this world better.

Edited a spelling mistake, this world HAS evil in it.

Thanks for bringing this to other people’s attention. While there is not much most of us can do, it is good to expose such evil.
Personally, I don’t really know what to say about this kind of shit, but feel it is necessary to just add my voice here.
Being cruel to adults is bad enough, but I always feel outraged when I see or hear about any child abuse. Not only for the shear cruelty of it all, but for the damage done to another person for life. Hurt a child and the effects last much much longer. Fucking bastards!

Kids and terrorists don’t mix, as in, children shouldn’t be placed in the same spots they put terrorists.

Even worse they see the terrorists and they get inspired to do acts of terror.

Children in solitary confinment :expressionless: how is it even possible someone can do that. A terrorist who blew up a whole building okay I can understand that but an innocent 4 year old?!

If this is true and the media get scent of it which they will sooner or later they are gonna be swarming it like a whole bunch of flies around…well not get graphic ok?

But as Social said it perfectly, you can’t prove anything with the media nor believe anything they say unless they all say it, and even that can be false info.

the “camp” direction has admitted it, the government admits it, there are demonstrations going on, lists are being shown at the news and photo’s in the papers… it is true… as much as I regret it… it’s true

So why have’nt I seen it on CNN? I watch CNN 8 hours a day and have’nt seen it. As a matter of fact I never see anything about the Netherlands on CNN, CNN is a great source for news, but they often get things screwed up. I like Fox News way better.

PEOPLE! are we going to let this happen?

Most probably. The world is full of horrific things like this and much worse, yet we comfortably sit by and watch.

The world is a harsh place. Try and change it, sure, but try and detatch yourself or you will end up a wreck.

So why have’nt I seen it on CNN?

Because it’s not the flavour of the day?

I like Fox News way better.

I can’t tell if this is because you feel Fox is good or you are really ripping into CNN. BBC ftw.

If this is true and the media get scent of it which they will sooner or later they are gonna be swarming it like a whole bunch of flies around…well not get graphic ok?

Unless it’s popular it wont. There are atrocities all over the world. Many you will never hear of.


Public pressure on policy makers and governments CAN have effect…

Uh wow. Fox news is so horrible that it’s almost funny to watch.

God, I don’t know what to say here… I hear about shit like this all the time… All over the world… It doesn’t even really shock me any more. Hopefully, now that this seems to be in the open (at least in the Netherlands) it will be stopped. But something else is just gonna come up after it… Humans just can’t seem to stop hurting each other…

Blender is what keeps me from thinking about things like this. It’s like a drug…except hard to use at times. That’s why I’m here in the first place. Then, I read 1984, got real pissed and got even more cut off from society. The world sucks, that’s why we have Blender.

That’s one of the main reasons I’m fkn glad to have found blender, let’s me escape from it all… and someday create my own world… however psychotic that may sound.

people suck. what more can i say?

@valarking: out of morbid curiosity, why is that? they have the shit graphics baby!