Children not following Parents - Blender 2.82

Hi all,

I’m having a really strange issue I’ve never encountered before. When attempting to parent two objects (one child, one parent) via Ctrl-P>Set Parent to Object, everything seems to work correctly at first. The Child shows up under the Parent in the outliner, the two objects are connected with a dashed line, etc. etc. However, when I move the Parent, the child simply refuses to move.

I’ve applied all the modifiers I can, deleted my Rigid Body World, set the timeline to zero, unparented everything in the scene - still nothing. There are no constraint modifiers in the scene, and no transformation locks are on. I even created two new cubes and tried to parent them - no material, no texture, no scaling or anything, and it won’t work. Typical children, never following the parents :smile:

Anyways, any help is much appreciated. I just finished probably the most ambitious project of my history with blender and now I can’t even make a camera orbit around the final render.