Children particles float in midair

Um, I try to make fur using hair particles and when I, in the children tab, increase the radius of the children particles I see that some of them move upwards from the surface and float in midair. Well, not really how I wan’t it :spin:.
I read in the manual that the radius move the particles without taking any consideration about the surface.
Is there anyting I can do about this?

Change to interpolated children.

Thanks, seem to work much better… but I can’t find any radius option for the child particles there, am I missing something?

Interpolated children are placed between hairs, unlike simple where a radius can spread them out and lift them off the surface. Hard to know what you should do. Post a screenshot of the kind of fur you want and your packed blend if you can. There’s a lot grumbling about hair but even now with a little effort short fur can be made extremely convincing, even moving dynamically. Increasing the random parameter on the right side will tend to muss up, and frizz the hair while also making it bushier.

I rarely say this, but thats FREAKING AWESOME!!!
Adding child particles between so they even up, genious!

They’re pretty nice. So did you get it all working? Another neat trick is to use one of the style settings, like curl,radial,braid. By lowering the amplitude parameter and increasing the clumping you can get a matted fur, like a bear or beaver, pretty easily.

Sure it worked!

Here is the result:

Thanks for helping :).

Cool creature man.