Chimera Class Ex-9 Frigate

hey guys, a new ship (finally) after alot of failed designing, and is part of my Frigate making 2 weeks. it is also intended to be reasonably low poly.
hope you guys like it! ( i also intend to add cargo drones to help with mining and cargo hold)



Spaceship addict, eh?

Nice start for this one, but not much to comment now.

Yea, always been a spaceship addicts, just find my other threads and you will see how addicted i am! :smiley:
thanks, will post updates as soon as possible!

nice design. nothing to say so far

Remember to model the crap out of that by-ach until your fingers drop off. Thats all i have to say.

Some updates and a material, i have it unwrapped and looking quite cool but i will post that later because it needs some work still.


The optional cargohold for mining and trading operaions added, this is also low poly and can easily be removed…

also got some wires for those intrested!


is there any point in posting the UV unwrap so far?


why do you hate evryerything i do :frowning:

Its U. its your attitude, im sorry, i can’t stand it. Your a noob like us, and u perform like a King Pin.
No offence, im sure your a nice guy, just relax a little.

Your a noob like us, and u perform like a King Pin.

sorry but i dont really understand :frowning: i am just doing what i like to do…

I don’t know either what he means, but I think it looks good :slight_smile: Keep it on!

thanks! infact, i have just made an animation, would you like to see? :smiley:

You know what i mean. Your not stupid. I would like to work with you, but your attitude at times, actually, most of the time, throws me off. Just come down a level, and im sure we would get along great. But, hey, who am i to judge?

i hope that we can get along but seriously…what kind of attitude? :confused:

Look. I’ll call it truce. Can we get along? Just don’t think your models are the ‘shit’ and that you know it all.
Your basic shape thus far is good.

Truce it is then! :D. and thanks!

a quick test with the (not so good) UV unwrap so far…


Hello Fellas,

If I may offer some assistance, I would suggest detailing the hull texture a little better. The best way to get major detail, with minor work (esp. on a ship or large metal or concrete structure), is to add simple hull segments (lines) to the texture, primarily square shapes, few diags. Make sure the lines are doubled, one light line, and one dark line; the light line for highlight, the dark line contrast, (this gives the texture the illusion of depth), but only add a partial light line, (i.e. If you draw a box, only add light lines to the top and right sides of the box on the inside, and so on).

Also, you might want to get an image file converter to change the file from .tga to .bmp and back once it’s finished. It’s always best to work with bmp’s when editing pics, that way when you’re done (editing) it retains it’s colors when you convert it back to a .tga.

pic #1 is a simple grey patch, pic #2 is the same gre patch with hull segments (lines) added.

This is one of many ways to add more realism to a model.

Also, simple resizing of the pic, or adding a third medium colored line (to the other side of the dark line), can add a distortion affect (bumps) as in pic #3.

And, nice name, Chimera, ;).