Chinese Lanterns

Hi guys. I’m needing some critiques before I call this peace finished, thanks!

looks fine, but maybe add a night scene image into the background. some stars with dark clouds or a moon. Something like that :slight_smile:

Make more detail like this image.

Good example of chinese lantern

thats a diffrent lantern. the lanterns you posted as “example” are hanging room lanterns, but the lanterns that were built are actualy flying paper lanterns. so they dont use any color or decoration because it’s getting to heavy and wont fly anymore. And they lso burn themself down after they flew for some minutes, so it also makes not much sense to decorate them.
They let them massivly fly on weddings and i must say they are looking very detailed compared to a actual photo:

We call this Kongming latern,yours are too much.Lights could be a little darker.

Wow, those things are huge! Meter, meter and a half high! What scale are you using for your models? Those seams make them look like they are 30 – 40 cm tops.

I like the motive.

I would add more randomness to your laterns. Like seen in the refrence from cerfribar there are only a few laterns pointing straight to the top. Most of them are more or less rotated.

Also I would add an eye catcher. Like a big one in the front or something else breaking the pattern (Maybe one latern which is burning it self already?)

It depends on for what festive you are flying the sky lanterns. They can be quite small to a few meters across in size alone. Generally though they are of the smaller scale.

Traditionally they are smaller bottomed leading to a fatter head - much akin to how a hot air balloon works. Yours are too cylinder shaped. What it looks like you’re referencing is the Lanna style lantern - so probably the wiki image referenced by cerfribar. The image itself is the Thai based Yi Peng.

Most traditional Chinese sky lanterns if I remember correctly have writing on the side usually making wishes for example.

Other than that, not bad.