Chiseled text

Hi. I want to know if there is any way to get text chiseled like these images, especially with curly text and elements? I tried using offset with the bevel but the text gets distorted.

You might have to do this manually, a good way to start would be to knife across the flat surfaces to create a ‘spine’ of vertices in each surface. Once filled, select the spines and use alt-s to create the effect.

I`ve also wondered why nobody has automated this yet, in any 3D software (even Cinema 4D which is the industry standard for motion graphics). Apparently, you do have to do this manually. You need to draw a line in the middle of your letters and make the necessary connections on the tips (triangles) to pull everything and get the desired effect. I suggest you try to do this in Illustrator or another vector software of preference and then import it into Blender as SVG. You can then convert it to mesh pressing “Alt + C”. From there you can pull the lines you want. Blender curves/spline tools are archaic, honestly, and the knife tool does not have any features for curves, as far as I know… Anyways, the short answer is: you have to do it manually.

I’d love an add-on that automated this.


I’ve used this tutorial for straight letters in C4D:

But it doesn’t work so well for curved letters. The issue is that all the inner points need to line up with their counterparts on the outer spline in order to create clean geometry which will work in a loft object.

I agree, this is a very needed tool, and it’s sorely lacking in the industry.

I’m looking into CAD options, as the polygon based methods are simply too troublesome and produce poor or tediously gotten results.