Chocolate easter bunny!

I’m making a series of easter themed pics to sell on iStockPhoto in time for easter. Thought I’d start with a complicated one.

My questions to the general public:

  • My idea was to have a plain white background (with a light shadow) so it can be easily edited by the client. Is this a good idea?
  • The bunny is plain brown. I’ve added an SSS milky colour, but it is still very bland looking. Is there anything else I could do to spring some life into it??
  • Is the facial expression right? The bunny is supposed to be scared/worried. Does he look it?
  • Any crits you feel like throwing in? ;)I’m after honest crits only. I want to create something that a client would want to buy. Would you buy it? :eek:

Cheers guys!! :smiley:

It looks good except for the bite. You could make more visible tooth marks.

Love the expression. :^)

By the way, how did you do that white background and still have a shadow from the rabbit? I’ve tried that several times and never managed.

Looks good. I agree with Rodicul on the bit though, its a bit blocky too. The rabbit looks awesome though, and the expression is spot on! To sort of answer Rodicul’s question, did you use a rounded rectangle to create the background? I saw it once in 3D world when they did that issue on realistic car modeling, I’ll look for the link…

Here is the way i was it in the magazine. Basically, I made a square, scaled it out to make a rectangle and then put the subsurf modifier on it (i think its at level 3 or 4). Then I hit set smooth. This is how they made “stages” for cars when they wanted a plain background with shadows. I don’t know if thats what was done here, but its one way of doing it :wink:


Hey guys, thanks for the crits!
I agree with the bite mark. It looks off now that I think about it.

Here’s the wire:

As for the shadow I just used a plane with only shadow turned on, with a white background. I was using the other method that nfollmer mentioned, but it was taking a lot of CPU time to render the large sub-surfed plane. So I just did this instead.


I’m still open for crits!! Keep 'em coming!

Try adding a bit more Spec. to your material, see what that does for it. It’s almost there, but something doesn’t look quite right with the material.

Good call nfollmer I’ll try upping the spec. Thanks for that.
I’ve also just noticed that the pupils in the eyes don’t have a lot of definition and are hard to see. Also the legs/feet are pretty weird looking.
I’ll try and correct that.

Keep the crits coming! This is helping a lot!

What if you made the eyes a different color, almost like it was that hard icing they put on some of them (Unless your going for an ALL chocolate look hehe).

Very nice picture!

After looking at the chocolate chickens in the following link, I think you have your hardness set a little too high. It is causing a kind of wet look with the specularity. Also, the sss looks like it could be toned down just a little bit.

See the chocolate chickens here…

Another thing that could help with the realism would be to give it a specular map so that the chocolate material doesn’t look so perfect.

Other than that, the expression is very good!


Haha, I dunno what it is, but there is something funny about all those chocolate chickens. I think you hit the nail on the head though, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it does look a little wet (like its starting to melt).

try the hard candy eyes like on real chocolate bunnies, the chocolate eyes arent visible enough and plus the candy has a bit of color to liven it up a bit. OH and add a little bow tie as well…

With that Id bye it no issue… except money… im poor.

Thanks for the bow tie idea LtOBrien! Nothing like a touch of class to spice up a render :wink:

I’ve fixed up the legs and feet a bit, as well as made the eyes more distinguished.
I haven’t touched the material or fixed the bite mark. I’ll be doing that tonight, as well as add some more lighting (all the lights are shining down, none shining up)

Thanks for the help!

Anything I could do to make this image more appealing?

Some more crits would be great. :smiley:

The bite still doesn’t look good.

Maybe it would be best to just edit it in the gimp or photoshop.

I would put some teeth marks right before the bite, so it looked like they bit down and slid their teeth back a bit before getting the bite. Make the edges of the bite a little more “messy”, try adding a bump map to give it some randomness.

The tie was a great addition, looks real good.

hi , your work is too simple and fun , not too complicated , but yet too funny , sweet .

Hey guys thanks for the crits, here’s my next update:

Fixed: Bite mark & lowered spec.

IThanks for the pic Rodicul. I used it as a reference pic for the bite. For some reason google images couldn’t find me anything near as good. So thanks for that!

Also thanks for the crits guys! They are helping a lot. Nothing like a fresh perspective when the artist can no longer see what’s missing :wink:

What else needs work? :o

Edit: I’ll add a spec map later tonight. What should of texture should I give it? Just a generic cloud texture? Something with a bit of variance??

Try to round off the ears more. They look quite uneven now. The inside line should taper smoothly against the outer. Now it is straight and takes sharp turns.

Good call. :yes: I hadn’t noticed.

I’ll try and smooth it out later tonight.

Added broken chocolate and rounded ears. Is this what you meant Rodicul?

More crits!

A richer, darker brown colour makes him look more tasty.
Round off the corner on his head. Maybe round the corners of his eyes a little too, but I’m not sure it would be an improvement.