Modeled in blender 2.71 rendered in cycles with 350 samples which took 9hours 44 min on my ultra slow pc.textures were downloaded from wikipedia.

Great message and well-executed. :slight_smile:

It could help to add some technical fixes here and there, but otherwise a nice render.

  • Reyn

350 SAMPLES?! Dang. I use the standard Blender Render and use some simple lighting. I don’t find it nessesary to use advanced renderers (Nor have the machine to render such advanced effects) I do like how the wooden table fits with the money and paper planes. Also, reynante said theirs a great message here. I didn’t get anything from this. :l

thanks reynante and its sss which multiplied the render time.

Nice render and pretty realistic, but you could have saved a lot on rendertime with a translucent shader (not transparent) and add that to the rest of the material with an add shader. It also gives less noise.

have never tried that shader before ,will give it a shot for sure if at least it could save the render time. thanks

yo yo yo yo yo

wow nice !!