choose a character

is it possible to make a menu in the game engine where you can choose whichever character you want (ex. mortal kombat, super smash bros, etc.)?

Yea it is possible but I am pretty sure that you will need to know python to do that if you already don’t.

There should be two scenes (scene 1 for the menu and scene 2 for the stages or whatever).

On the menu screen, have an empty with a property (lets say it ranges from 0-3). Have another object or empty that enables you to select a character (we shall call it “selector” for now). The selector could send a message to the empty object, telling I which character is chosen. Each character should have its own value for the property.

For instance… Character #1 = 0, Character #2 = 1, Character #3 = 2.

When you’re ready, the empty object should send a message to another empty object in the next scene. This new empty object should add the character(s) you want IF there are any characters selected.

I wish I could tell you more, but I’m actually rushing right now. I might add a blend some other time so you can explore the script I’ve created. If you don’t know much about Python, I’d recommend you reading, practicing and learning it. Good luck.

It is possible I think it is also a good way to select a character if you try to look at somebooks!