Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Idea

A while ago, I looked on Yahoo for “choose your own adventure.” I saw the coolest thing to myself–choose-your-own-adventure sites where you added to the story when you got to an “ending!”

I started thinking about asking about making something like this on elYsiun, and I suddenly realized that it would be cool as heck if we could integrate it into Blender somehow! So, I thought up this idea:

We get a big server, like Iptic. Then we set up a couple of basic “starter” stories, and the authors make a couple of paths. Then, whoever finds that “ending” makes it go further.

The thing is, they’ve got to download a .blend file with about 5 empty scenes, and one scene with the current “ending,” and change it to make the paths work! They have to show the illustrations in a JPEG from Blender in every page, to show that they’re not too lazy to press F12!

What do you think? Do you think it’s a good idea? Do you think I should be banned? Do you think that cheese pizza is the only topping that’s edible? Reply (but only on topic, of course)! I dare you!

I always hated those kind of books… the chapters never seemed to be in order, I’d finish one, and the second chapter would flash back to an earlier part of the story, or jump ahead, and a lot of times there would be conflict, like someone would die, then they’d be alive again later on.

Oh, one other thing, I never did understand this, but from start to finish I’d see a big page that said “THE END” about 6-8 times! What’s with that??? I know Bethoven broke some of the rules, making many of his masterpeices seem like they were ending, then start up again, and he did it to great effect, but those books just went way overboard.

Tounge fully lodged in cheek,

why all these strange polls?


hah… sounds like you didn’t have a clue how the books worked :slight_smile:
because you make choices along the way, you have different kind of endings.

it’s like the old cheap textadventure games, with simple “choose a,b,c” style…
you dont read those books like you normally would.

oh, I used to love those books… we have some of them here at library. and some even more advanced, where you can have a character, you cast a dice, make choises… fight monsters… more rpg style :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity, do you blend at all? Or is it just that you have an ungodly amount of time on your hands? :smiley:

I worry about you Cube…I really do…:wink: :smiley:

Well, that’s an okay idea… I’m getting kind of tired of these posts of yours though.

I kind of like input from the community, even from people who don’t reply, and I’m trying to think up new ways to do polls to confuse you guys worse and worse.

Anyway, IMProvisar, basse is right–choose-your-own-adventure books aren’t read in the normal, start-to-finish way. You had to make choices as to what you’d do next, and it’d alter the whole story. I thought you’d have noticed the choices at the bottom of the page…

Well, if the idea works, you’ll figure it out, because there really isn’t going to be a way to read it in a chronological order.

WeirdHat: I can’t stop posting! AARRGGHH! However, define “okay.” Do you think that it would be a totally revolutionary idea, or do you just think, “Well, that’s kind of interesting, but we could do something else?” (BTW: If you don’t have anything better to do, go read a CYOA book, or if this idea works, come to the site and play along.)

And yes, RISKBREAKER, I do Blend… but

  1. I’ve got Blenderhead’s block right now,
  2. Making posts seems kind of fun, and
  3. I don’t have an f*cking website. Well, I do have a domain on Iptic, but I am too lazy to learn FTP. Not really, but too lazy to look for a client.

ROFL… did no one get it??? I actually rather enjoyed those kinds of books as a kid.


What kind of an excuse is that? Strange, your spell it lazy, but some people will probably read it dumb.

sorry to say this, but that’s a very very very lame excuse.

PS: here, help your lazyness:

well, i kinda liked those books, although i always died after the first few pages.

Cube: if you actually start this, make it happen and develop this idea of yours into something great then fine, could be good.
But it will take a fair bit of work and would you take someone seriously when they think its OK to post on a forum for help or whatever and then say they’re too damn lazy to actually do anything?
Think about it.


PS: Imp - i thought you were just having some kind of accident, glad to know what you meant :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it would help if someone could write a script or something…

The forum is okay; all you have to do is write posts, pointless or stupid. Writing scripts takes dedication. Then again, so does sticking to the “Youth Rights” for 12 pages.

Does anybody know of any good FTP clients? Don’t say something like “Don’t use CuteFTP,” because that really doesn’t help.

goes and checks out the tut

AAHH! I didn’t realize it was actually a re-direct to an FTP client! I’m currently downloading it. Thanks, Theeth! I’ll try to refrain from saying “lock this post” for a while.

Okay, the client doesn’t seem to work… tries again

It still doesn’t work… I like frustrating films, but not frustrating programs! I want to get my files onto the web and that’s it… anything to do that?

Hey Cube, you don’t need an FTP client to put your site on Iptic (though FTP is more convenient).

Log into your control panel, click the “config” icon, then the “file manager” icon. From there you can add directories and upload files using the web interface. It’s very easy, but since you upload the files one-by-one, it’s not as fast or convenient as FTP.


I think I tried that. The file manager didn’t work.

Hrm… I’ve never had any problems with it. (Using WinXP, IE6)


What was the error message?


Cube: Have you tried ACEFTP 2 Freeware? Its the only one i use and i’ve got no problems so far.