Chorus of the candles (new updated image)

I’ve been wanting to do candles since 2.42 came out.

Flame is made with particles, moving them to a point with curve guides and the particles themselves have RGB and size IPO’s.

SSS effect like you see on real candles faked using a blend texture set to emit.

EDIT: updated the image, yes the flames looked goofy, but I changed them a bit.

Hmm… Pretty good stuff, you might want to add a cloud texture with no color and only a slight warp setting to add a bit of randomness, flame looks a bit odd, a little too symetrical I guess, not sure what it is though. Overall looks good :slight_smile:

Good start! The fake sss is quite good.
The flames need the most work.

Try what Jack said, also, too much red at the top, solid blue at the bottom. Need some transparency and fading/blurred edges.

Check centralsource for a ton of flame samples.

Cool! The flames are kind of doofy, but I really like your choice of colors on the candles. It’s a really vibrant scene, and is very well lit. The lighting has a lot more presence in this scene than in most, and makes the foreground really pop out.

Nice work!


EDIT: If I say “really” one more time, smack me.

Fake SSS for candles is easily done because the pattern is quite predictable, when you light a candle, you usually see the light through the wax at the top part of the candle and sort of fades towards the bottom.

In this case a blend texture set to emit was all that was neccesary.

About the flame candle flames are kind of tricky to do in Blender. But they can look decent with color and size ipo’s with curve guides if done right.

Updated the image (see first post)

Really improved the flames.

One question, how did you map the blend texture?

How, simple, Orco coordinates.

Nice image. How did you do the flames? Is it a method that could be animated?

Would love to see how you did that, either tutorial reference, or wires showing what you did.

The flames were made using particles with color and size IPO’s. A sphere effect was used to make it more pointy.