Chosen One Media Reel

Check out my quick reel I made last night.

Very nice reel, the only thing that leaves me sceptical is the fonts of title screens at the begenning and the end ^^ It would be cool to have a nicer animation for those same titles, because the rest is really badass and very impressive!
cheers :wink:

Thanks for the comments elbriga!

Very nice and high end…looks like the FOX football Robot!

Hey, Real cool stuff! Liked all. Are all made of blender? The one i just found out of phase was the cap. It’s shading and all wasn’t matching the rest of the animations but real cool. :eyebrowlift2:

Appreciate it @Twitch84

Yeah all was made in Blender several different shading techniques were used for rendering.

Ok, but the animation is somewhat rigid.