Chris Angel Topic "Please Read"

I was wondering if anyone here knows how or what did he learn to do the illusions that he dose on his show MindFreak ?

The reason why I ask is because I am planning on learning it so I can do some illusions to show off to my friends. :rolleyes:

And Do Not Spam Or Post If You Dont Know Last Thread I Made Here Got Spammed Sort Of And Remember This Is Off-Topic Meaning Anything Is Allowed.

There are lots of places to find such things, most involve buying guides. Check out ellusionist(s?).com Ive found a lot of useful information there
peace man

I hate that guy. A portion of his illusions involve camera editing tricks, the rest you can learn off the net with a little patience. my brother is really into this type of stuff, most of the good tricks will have to be bought though. look on youtube or google video for some explanations.

no i don’t, but Criss Angel has a book out, which probably explains how to do a lot of the tricks.

chill out bro. just because i have a different opinion than you, that doesn’t make me a spammer. :rolleyes:

There were a few TV specials about how to do these big magic tricks. The one I remember was about making something like a bus disappear. The trick was to have an audience who are in on the act and to move the whole set so that when the sheets are removed, the bus is no longer there.

I imagine a lot of Chris Angel’s “surprised bystanders” are only surprised someone will pay them to take part :slight_smile:

As a professional magician (Previous career!) I know how much work goes into these illusions. Deth dude, you want to perform tricks for some friends, fantastic, but don’t expect to be Chris Angel or David Copperfield or Penn and Teller without some serious practice and bucks.

However, to impress your friends with a deck of cards and some coin tricks you should be able to get away with a couple of weeks at 1-2 hours a day of practice.

Check your local library for magic books and see if there’s a local magic shop in your city.

Don’t mail order stuff if you’re just starting. They always make things look better and easier - get someone in a shop to demonstrate it and see if you think the effect suits you.

Criss Angel does real magic :eek:

Sorry I kinda forgot about this thread I found this neat little magic shop in metro town like last summer but they moved I believe it was Gizmoz somthing like that but anyways I will check out books and try to find another magic shop :slight_smile:

And yes I kinda just want to know not alot of magic but just enough to fool my friends.

(And chicks / girls seem to like a guy that dose magic :eek: and play giutar one of thoses things so far I only play giutar :slight_smile: )

Now that I brought this up I still have my very first electric giutar …
but I dont think its in any good condition to be played xD.

And Ammusionist Thats Cool you use to be a magicain Right on !
you gotta show me some tricks if I ever meet you.
but besides that I bet you feel awesome after you see the peoples reactions on there faces after you do a awesome trick.

The thing that got me wondering or puzzled is on that one show on MindFreak Chris Angel walked on water !!! I doubt he because I saw it on T.V but if I was there I would have believed it …
but if it was real what a SWEET ILLUSION !

Hope someone answers =)