Christmad cards

ok this is my Christmas card this year. let me know what you thank i wanted to take pics of every one map to the faces but don’t have time. (lost my camera TBO) text done in gimp. thanks to all for help with the lights, still working on them. the lights are not what i wanted but getting closer. the next time i have a few other things to try just ran out of time.

thats Christmas Cards


that is a cute concept. I’m sure it would have looked great with the faces mapped onto the characters, but it has a simple appeal as it right now.

nice idea - was just thinking also about to make some christmas scenes…

Too much black. Add something white and light blue.

If they’re supposed to be lego characters, I’d remodel them characters to have the same proportions as lego minifigures, though it’s just a matter of taste.

Looks sweet, but if you’re gonna print them it’s gonna take a lot of ink to think of it practically. Well done though! :slight_smile:

I expected to see mad characters. Why aren’t they mad?