Christmas Animation

(acasto) #1

I had some ideas. Well, actually the last week I’ve been f*!$^&@ loosing my mind and came up with some demented ideas. Here they are:

1.) A kid puts on his Christmas list an Al-Quadeia action figure. Which ends up hijacking Santa’s sleigh with a box cutter and running it (reindeer and all) into the Empire State Building.

2.) Santa gets shot down over Washington D.C. by an F-16 civil air patrol

3.) A white bunny rabbit put into an acrylic bowling ball and rolling down the lane and getting a strike

4.) US and Britain attack the North Pole due to Santa’s defiance of the UN and program to create weapons of mass destruction.

Oh yeah… forgot to mention… tommorow morning I’ll be going to the psychiatrist tommorow, so perhaps I’ll come back and add some ‘regular’ options for Christmas animations afterwards. Till then though, F&*K santa! Nahhh… I don’t really mean it, just wonderd what it would be like to say it.

(cree) #2

I like idea two and four. It’s seems like the most appropriate and timely. Maybe you should tell the doctor that you’re ok, and it’s the rest of the world that’s f’ ed.

(acasto) #3

Oh ya… I forgot that epidsode of South Park. How long is it before something bad is funny? I think it was something like 22 years or something.

(haunt_house) #4

christmas, the time of the highest suicide rate.

the darkest time of the year. Only on the northern side of the equator, but anyway. The coldest time of the year.

So lets all start feeling cold and lonely for celebration. I certainly have no problems with hating christmas.

jingle hells, jingle hells, jingle, hells, jingle hells… (broken record)

(valarking) #5

LOL, acasto, totally twisted!
VERY FUNNY. Would like to see realised.
Maybe CubeFan will take to these.

(CubeFan973) #6

ever seen “UHF?” Or at least just the “Wheel Of Fish” part?

“Stupid! You’re so STUPID!”

(Alltaken) #7

well santa is real so don’t go round trying to do bad things to him cause he won’t give you any presents.

and i’m waiting for my al queda action hero cause hes got a cool box cutter atachment.

and my george bush action hero (i mean voodoo doll)
(anyone see the mini series “on the beach” ar yes very likely to happen)

(basse) #8

i dont like the war ideas.
at all.


(basse) #9

oh and generally about the whole christmas… now with two kids and all, it’s again starting to have some meaning… they are so anxious, waiting for the big day… and trying to be nice so the elves wont tell santa… all the time asking question about it…

well… I cannot explain it. you have to experience it.


(haunt_house) #10

My mom told me very early that there is no santa because she wanted me to trust her that she is no liar. Worked well

(cree) #11

In # 4, did you mean weapons of mass destruction or weapons of mass consumption?