Christmas At The Orphanage...

Heres a little piece Ive been woking on all afternoon. A sadder image.

Ive attached a couple of variations, a warmer one, and one with stronger fire.

Rendered Blender internal, AO, some nodes work for glow. All C&C welcome
peace(on earth)


Wow, this has a really nice feel to it. The lighting is really nice, and the shadows are nice and smooth.

I personally like the second render a lot more that the other two, but that’s just me.


Wow,great work,it has a suddle feeling to it…the lighting is great and its jus nice i guess…4 stars…add some more stuff and people will give you a five…

okay, don’t hit me, but I don’t think this is one of your better ones. There nothing really going on in the scene, and the blur is too general to focus us to the table (I think you were trying to, right) Too dark, more dramatic lighting, and contrast could really make this an awesome pic, but until then…three stars.

I think a small boy with a tear in his eye because he got so little or got something would really suit the scene.

The mood is well done.

I like the fire one, or at least where your thinking was at, but I think you were trying to go for something dark, no? If so then my post above applies.

great scene, four stars
i think the metal candels would work better as just straight wax candels (with a little melting), but overall it is a great scene,

@Cuby: thanks man, glad you liked it!
@Trak: Thanks! I didnt add more people cause
1Im Sick, didnt feel like it
2Im too lazy, just wanted to make something christmasy :slight_smile:
@Framedworld: lol(yes, I used lol) I wont hit you. I think its one of the best ones as well. Hence having it seerate form the freeality project etc
@CD: Thanks man, Im a tad under the weather, or I would have spent a couple of days modeling a little kid for it
@Framedworld: It wasnt neccesarily dark. Mostly sad, but I also wanted one that showed a bit more happiness…
@Super Wu-Man: Thanks, proud to hear from you. Actually, the metal is a candleholder with barely visible maroon candle in them. The scene was to dark to actually tell tho.
@Eveyone: Thanks for looking, this is more succesful than I foresaw. Im glad people liked it.
Thans, and peace to all

good job-
just two things I’m wondering…
first, is that an orange? if so, I’d say it has a look of green to it
second, could you explain the “one” picture? it doesn’t really make sense to me.:frowning: :confused: if it were maybe an old picture of the family that one ot the kids at the orphanage belonged to, then it would make more sense

Super awesome man! Great job…the only thing is…the blur TOTALLY screwed with my eyes…like I honestly wiped them because I thought something was wrong with me, then I had to look away when I realized it was the blur from the picture; when I went back and looked at the picture again with the expectation if it being blurry, it was a bit better but if you couldn’t sharpen it up JUST A HAIR…then I think it would be perfect…but if i’m the only loser who thinks it’s too early then please don’t change it on my accord alone. Only if you get a few more “bit too blurry” reviews…as always though…AWESOME…keep up the good work and Merry Christmas!

@Jeepster: yeah, thanks to the blusig ‘night’ colored light form the window, it foes have a greenish tinge to it. The one didnt really mean anything, sort of something you can interpret however you want.

@Nimbus: Thanks man. It is a bit too blurry, but that was on purpose. When I had it sharp, there were a couple of problems
1The specularity on everything looked too sharp
2There was a bout zero warmness/softness in the image, something I felt it needed. Sorry If it made it hard to view.
PS Im doing some more work on the scene, updates to come.