Christmas Magic :)

May all your darkest winter nights be lit with magical lights :slight_smile:

Created with Blending Nature - Rock/Grass/Shrub and Spruce Pine Tree packs available on the Blender Market.

Comments welcome:)
Happy Blending!

What a wonderful image! I love the atmosphere in this :slight_smile:

iT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE BLACK WOLVES silhouette in the background. Like it’s a trap or something.

*not fixing my caps lock

beautiful nature stuff. Excellent image and I like the atmosphere settings

I really like the composition of the wide shot. Nicely done man!

Wow thanks guys I’m glade you like the result:) I had a good vision in my head of what I wanted this one to look like with the white fog/haze and tall dead grasses going through the snow. It’s always fun to get things to work out with what you have in mind:)

Jeepster - I’ve always been a fan man so I take you compliment straight to my head thanks:)
Tommywright - Love you creations as well so again big thanks on the compliment:)
bigdad - I’m impressed by your wolf integration into the render:) It’s not quite Christmasy but an interesting idea none the less:)
pchef - Thanks of course I love nature renders as well and appreciate your thoughts:)