Christmas Morning

An excited boy gets skis for Christmas!

Hello Blender Artists!

I am nearly done with my Christmas character scene, and I’d really like some critiques on it. Specifically I’d like your thoughts on:

  • Lighting. I was going for a cozy Christmas morning feel.
  • Overall composition. Is your eye drawn to the character? Does the scene seem balanced?
  • Any additional objects you think could add to the scene/story without cluttering?

There are a few things I may go back to like the hair, but I’m pretty happy with it. Let me know what you think.


Alritght, in general i think you have done some good work here. The things that could be improved is

  1. There is something off in the windows, they dont appear to be on the same level.

  2. The carpet doesnt go well with the chair, changing the colour and putting a texture on it could improve it.

  3. The wooden list around the large gate/door has the same colour as the wall.

  4. The curtain could be worked on, both colour and texture.

Hi! In my opinion I find several things you should improve:
The boy doesn’t have enough “excited expression” his pose is like if he were a very old man. Look for images of Pixar and Dreamworks movies Practice pose and facial expressions. He must look excited.

I think the material of the skin should be more translucent a little more of SSS effect.

The christmas tree looks awesome!!

The goggles doesn’t have any material plastic transparent and reflective?

Play more with bright and contrast! Levels and so on.

The glass of the windows should be more reflective.

I think you should work more the material of the eyes.I cannot see the depht of the iris and cornea It looks a little “flat”. If you don’t know what to do google for 3d eye tutorials for blender.

I hope my critique helps you.

I personally think the composition works alright. Im not an expert. but I think the kids face needs work. And the lighting should be a bit more inviting and lively. Since you have a character and an environment and the boy is the center he’s really important. The eyes don’t fit in the head right. The tongue is an issue. maybe needs more shine? I’d take out the side of mouth wrinkles, makes him look older then he should be. Smooth where the eyes tear duct area should be. there is a bump there.
Hair could be shinier and a little softer.
I can see you took on a lot in this project. I think it will be very cute when it’s done.
May be interesting to curve the skies slightly more to give a more dynamic pose

Also extra things is wrinkles on the side of the eyes so he looks more happy. And joyful.
You could have him bend more and be more active.
The box is too straight. A little bend in it.

I think it’s a lovely idea and I agree with most of the points already mentioned.

The points I bother most, are the curtain and the lighting.

The way the curtain is falling / hanging somehow looks weird. (As if something behind it is pushing it away from the window.) May be the curtains suspension needs some rework.

I think there is too much diffuse room lighting and not enough light from the window. (This creates an uncomfortable atmosphere.)

I could imagine warm sunlight shining through the window giving contrasts and just a little filling light from the top.

I somehow can’t comprehend the scale of the scene: To me the boy(?) looks way too large and massive compared to the rest.

Also the lighting situation is somewhat unclear: This is supposed to be Christmas morning and the window indicates that we have snowfall and what looks like a greyish overcast sky. So where is all that light coming from? It’s so diffuse that it can’t come from any light source inside the room (in that entire room there is not one lighting fixture visible)?

Thematically I think that the kid would look better in pajamas.
The sweats and t-shirt look good but I am assuming this is christmas morning. The sweats also take a festive event and make it kind of drab the coloring is just kind of lackluster.
Some mistletoe hanging from the arch would look good.
make the garland go all the way up the banister.
something looks weird about the lighting on the right of the kids nose. and maybe a bit less width on the jaw will make him look more child like.