Christmas Penguin

Here is my blender scene for Christmas this year. It was made in about a week (a lot of that was on tweaking the Christmas lights and I still only kind of like them.) The penguin is rigged and UV mapped. Rendered with Blender Internal and AO. Comments welcome.

Enjoy the Holiday!

lol :D…give him a santa hat D:…those lights are sweet ( don’t really like the lit up part though)…but that chord must have been a pain to do…or do you have a secret?

I though about the Santa hat as I was posting the original post. I am also still struggling to find a good looking halo setup for the lights. I may update it tomorrow.

For the cord it was actually easier than I thought it would be. I might post picture tutorial tomorrow:

  • First I just extruded 3 circles of about 5 verts each up say 2 units and rotated 45 degrees.
  • Then I just repeated that until I had a cyclic section (360 degrees) then duplicated the section until it was a good lenth.
  • I split one cord and curved them up for a light.
  • After that I duplicated that whole section for about 8 lights.
  • Then I just added a curve modifier for the path of the cords.

cool…will have to try that

excellent work! I love the reflections on the ornaments. how did you do that? :slight_smile:

It’s nice but the little penguin doesn’t have much character. Do something with the eyes, and perhaps make him a little less blocky.
But thanks for a doing a Christmas themed render. There’s not enough of them this year on the forums. :slight_smile:

znegative: The reflections are an HDRI map.

redbyte: The character style is kind of a blocky one. The eyes look really flat and I’ve been trying to fix that. I think the Santa hat will add a lot.

Here is that tutorial:
<Christmas Lights Tutorial>

lolz he looks a bit like a ipod-Penguin