Christopher Lee

somehow he reminds me of the guy from harry potter. Cant remember his name though

He is so kick ass…

I like the little details like some hairs on the jacket, really nice

Very nice!! I’d try a more off-center lighting however to create a Rembrandt lighting effect, (

Outstanding likeness.

I am sure he would have appreciated the portrait. As I have the same name, and born in the 70s when his Dracula films were popular, I have always seen him as an inspiration to create fantasy, monster and horror work.

Thank you for this wonderful portrait.
Chris Lee

This is wonderful. His eyes are soft, expressive, and human. Everything else is spot-on as well. No uncanny valley. I’m well impressed - very accomplished work!

This portrait has a soul. Well done :yes:

Amazing job! love it, attention to detail certainly impressed. The stray hairs scattered accross jacket is a brilliant little touch! 5 stars from me

Absolutely amazing detail and realism. Great work.

Amazing amount of detail! :slight_smile: Kudos! :slight_smile:

Beautiful work! :slight_smile: such detail :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing with us!

WOOOOWW amazing work man!

He played in 007,Lord of the Rings,The Hobbit,Dracula and Count Dooku in Star Wars

I looks so realistic … Nice!

congrats! well done! I like the shaddows :slight_smile:

Wonderful lighting! I just think that the edge of his nose is thinner.

I would suggest that this wonderful portrait of Chistopher Lee could be slightly better as good as it is. The temporal region could be fattened up slightly and the wrinkles on the cheeks could be softened or lit differently. I think if you added a little bit of a Burt Reynolds cheeriness to his face, just a little, it would depict him better. He has what I call these parrot beak lips too that are all the way in the dark with this lighting.

love, James

@jamesgerard - are you sh!tting me? Christopher Lee, Dracula, Saruman. The guy had no cheeriness about him. The portrait is bang on the money.

5 Stars!
great work.