Christopher Lee

A portrait of Sir Christopher Lee in monochrome. Made with blender, zbrush, photoshop and substance painter.

Incredible work! love it, the attention to detail as certainly impressive. The stray hairs scattered accross the jacket is a brilliant little touch!

5 stars from me :slight_smile:

Awesome. Superb lighting. No more words. Congratulations!!!

This is quite amazing, the details and realism are so well done.

Nicely done.

Amazing! love it! Are you planing in give him color? not that in bw isn’t perfect, but just curious.

amazing… lighting is superb…

Awesome! 5 stars!

lol, this is so good it’s on the featured bar twice in a row! lol (At least on my computer it is) haha :smiley:

Great work man, congrats on reaching the top row :wink:

This looks like something you see on a book cover. Well done.

The detail is amazing!

A lot of people already say that, but again, a really nice job ! The lighting is very successful, and the details … Congrats !

What a stunning image. There is something not quite exactly right about the likeness but I’m buggered if I can think what it is because it’s so close. The lighting is to die for and shows up the great detailing. Black and white is so right for this image. Do more.

“Luv It!” … and yet …

… if I were standing in my darkroom, looking at this print under the red-lights, I think I’d try another print in which I “burned in” (lightened …) Sir Christopher’s eyes just a little bit, especially his right eye.

==Edit: But, then again, I see that you have also used similar tonal ranges elsewhere down his face. (His-)right cheek, below the nose, mouth. And it works. Therefore, maybe I wouldn’t decide to keep my burn-in experiment, after all. In retrospect, maybe my “catch light” point (next pp.) would be more of what I’d be contemplating.

And, oh, if there was just the slightest “catch-light” in his eyes … Maybe just his left eye, and a subdued glint. (Subtle, subtle …)

Hmmm… doesn’t the top of his head have just a little bit of “blown-out white,” such that we don’t quite see his hair in the (his-)right top center? A little burning-in there, too.

Nevertheless, without question, “hats-off to ye.” You have overall made excellent use of tonal range. The portrait looks fantastic, whether it is small or large. And it certainly is flattering to the distinguished gentleman himself. A magnificent black-and-white portrait that just happens to have been digitally created.

Great job, the likeness is spot on, the realism is close to photo realism and the use of lighting is very good.

Fantastic work. I don’t know how long that took but it was worth it.

+10 y a favoritos. Good job, the level of details is very awesome.

Thanks everyone for the awsome feedback! I’m very grateful :slight_smile: @sundialsvc4 - Extra thanks! I will take an extra look at the eyes and overexposure for my next piece :wink: I wish you all the best with your blending! Thanks! :smiley:

Very Nice work, Rest In Peace Christopher Lee.

This is marvellous work, in honor of a great actor. 5*'s. :slight_smile: