chrome balls

Been ahile since I posted anything new, but it finally happened I had to try out Yafray. Thanks to [email protected]’s tute the setting up and learning basics was easy. So three days messing around learning and I decided to get a chrome look. (steel ball type chrome). Here is that test.

I’m impressed with Yafray, Yable, Yafray GUI, all making this an easy to use and fast improving renderer. Well done to all that put it together.
The sunsky plug-in along with the different lighting set-ups available give you colors that apeal to my artistic side.


Happy to see some artwork from you again :slight_smile:

And to see you are trying YafRay too.


1 - RayDepth. With so many internal reflections the default value of 5 could be too low, try 10 or more, I’d bet you will get rid of those black areas between the spheres.

2 - The plane is… square :slight_smile: I can see the corners, maybe a disc?

Keep tit up!


Thanks for the tip re: ray depth, I’ll try that for sure. Yes I’m aware I should of used a circle. Using a plane shows up on the balls more bent as go up and more can see corners of plane behind camera - whoops. Still having fun. Been busy lately so will be posting more soon.

balls of steel.


perve :stuck_out_tongue:

I love shiny reflective sphere!
The one crit I have is that the spheres don’t seem to be resting on each oher.
It takes away from the feeling of weight you should get with balls of steel.

I need to jump back on the yafray wagon!

Thanks for the comment phrangkk, about the crit, I agree with you, not quite lined up, kind of looks like a couple of the balls are about to take off and fly away. So maybe instead of steel balls I have some anti gravity balls mixed in :wink: .


they are magnetized and you have magnetic repulsion :slight_smile: