Chrome Spheres - Again!

Sorry for returning to this subject, but I feel that many times a little thought and consideration should be exercised before posting a chrome ball in “Finished Projects”.
We all were noobs sometime, and all make the occasional pointless question every now and then. Maybe I’m getting old, but I just get tired of seeing cubes and spheres and stuff.

So here’s something that may come handy to hang around the office. I had found this once on the internet. Couldn’t find it again so made it from scratch in Corel Draw. Enjoy.

(High resolution file available << HERE >> :smiley: ) bro’ :D.

It’s just that Newton’s Cradle render from the early 80s over and over again! I still haven’t gotten anywhere with Blender yet and even I can manage to at least use the Suzanne mesh to play around with instead of the sphere!

If you are a genuine new user, you are pretty pathetic to join up with a name such as AntiChrome and post Yet another AntiChrome ./Sphear thread as one of your first posts.

This is Why i Hardly post here any more. Elysiun is becoming pathetic now.

This is a topic that has been debated quite a bit, with opinions on both sides… I hardly think starting another one is too smart

and i hardly see as using the suzanne mesh to be any better than using the sphear or a cube. I find all 3 of them just as shitty, but i don’t complain about people using them.

Lukus, you’re way off man…

My nick here was always Antichrome, I’m NOT a new user, been around since 2004 and posted a few good renders (IMHO) since then.

This sign I made is A JOKE about people posting chrome balls (or other pointless sh*t) and calling it “Finished Work”, got it?

some people don’t look before they post do they :slight_smile:

Every one watch out there is an angry mob of Elysiun groupies out with pitchforks and torches looking to lynch somebody…

If you noticed, antichrome’s post count was well past 1 when he made this thread.

As the discussion about chrome spheres and stuff is going on in other threads, I thought people would find the sign funny and take it for what it is, a joke. Otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the time to draw it!

My opinion is that it’s been an issue in Elysium lately and a proper space for “render tests” should be provided, but there is no need to make “standards”.

We want to encourage new blender users, not block them off. As I said in another thread, we all were (and still are in many cases) noobs.

So relax.

I could easily tell you didn’t look at the join date. Where it says joined.

Well his post count was 81 at the time, a sign of a rather new user and i guess i read the post date as his sign up date.

But with the numerious pointless debates on this topic, as you can understand YET another one on the list especially with a new one going on in news /chat it is annoying, joke or no joke… These posts are going to be the next “common threads and polls” around here. If everyone posted every joke they thought about without thinking, (ironic to the “think before posting sphears”)… we’d have a 10,000 posts in off topic chat drowning the decent ones…,

It was just unfortunate (for me i guess) that you happened to make a topic of such nature with a matching name and the fact that i’ve never actually seen you around. Sorry for the wrong asumtion of being a new user, but it is still a heated debate that some people agree with and people like me dont, and jsut not needed

AntiChrome-First of all, why didn’t you just post this in a thread already about this topic. Secondly, why did you waste time making it anyway. No offence, but it isn’t very funny. You would have been better off posting one that says “what do you think of my reflective sphere?”

Icoxo-I’m not sure if you where talking to me or not, but I did notice the date he joined. I was just pointing out that it was not his first post. He could have verywell singed up a long time ago and never posted till recently.

The pointless threads on elysiun are starting to tick me off. If you can say it in an existing thread then don’t start a new one to state something being stated in another.

My chrome sences are tingling

Keep your pants on, lad. The pic IS funny and relevant.

I’m with AntiChrome on this.

He took the time to make a piece of graphical mockery relating to the spate of rendered spheres, cubes and reflective checkerboard planes which have plagued the forum lately.

To me the sign IS funny. And I for one appreciate the time and effort AntiChrome took to design it. :smiley:

If Antichrome had gone and rendered spheres on a checkerboard plane, then I’d understand some of the negative remarks about his post, but he didn’t.

maybe relevant to some of the things going on right now, but he could have posted this pic in the news and chat thread where he knows everyone will “get it” I just see this as another pointless thread that keeps getting bumped up to the top, taking place of things that aren’t being restated in onther threads. I hate to be rude about this, but this crap has been going on for quite a while now. This thread needs to be locked.

Yup, where else in the forums at this moment in time is a Corel-based sign relating to rendering spheres on checkerboard planes?


That makes this sign, a one-off for the time being. Now lets do the math.

1 Corel-based sign mocking something versus HOW MANY actual renders of spheres on checkerboard planes? 4? 5? 6+?

As for locking this topic, why? It’s ONE sign. ONE drawing. It was posted OFF-TOPIC so as to not clog up the actual work-in-progress threads.

I see what Antichrome did as being humourous, courteous and in touch with the pulse of Elysiun. :smiley:

Can’t you see it? The stupid balls are pulling us apart! It’s everyone for themselves, only because no one like spheres anymore.

As this wasnt made in blender, im asuming it took longer than 2 mins.

I like it!

Since when has mocking people and/or their work been humorous or courteous? And I’m glad to see thats not what Elysiun is about.

Since when has mocking people and/or their work been humorous or courteous? And I’m glad to see thats not what Elysiun is about.[/quote]

Did I say the sign mocked a person or their work on a personal level? Did I mention any membernames or post links to said works? Nope.

I said the sign mocked the idea and practice of rendering shiny spheres on checkerboards.

And if mocking isn’t allowed, best get rid of the entire thread which mocks and jokes about Project Orange and the Vroom jacket. :wink:

And by courteous I clearly stated it was because it was put OFF-TOPIC, not in amongst the works in progress.

Best get working on your interpretation skills. :wink: