Chrome Texture only working on parts of the mesh?

So I am trying to do chrome on a crown. I applied my shade to the whole object but it seems like only bits of the mesh is actually behaving like chrome. I recalculated the normals but no change. Is there something I need to set?

If I connect my UV map Texture Coordinates to the Normals on the Glossy Shader the whole thing turns black.

Is there anything in the environment for the chrome to reflect ?

What do you think a chrome ball would look like in a completely white room ? White !

To make a basic chrome material - all you need is a light grey/white glossy shader with the roughness set to 0.

Your image looks fine to me - the crown shadow is reflecting off the chrome material just as it should. The problem is - your environment is too bland (as the poster above stated). For chrome materials to work - they have to have something to reflect. The sides of the crown are basically reflecting just the grey ground plane - whilst the top edges are reflecting the sky.

Try putting a texture on your ground plane - and see what effect that has.

You can’t - or at least shouldn’t - connect a single value output to a vector input. If you are not familiar with them, that’s what the colors are for - to help you match the right inputs and outputs. A quick way to test what your geometry might look like with a shiny shader in a proper environment without going to all the hassle of making one is to use a matcap from the properties shelf(N).