chrome trouble

hey im having trouble on chrome texture for metal and wondering if you guys can tell me how to get it just right

You’ll want a material with a medium hard setting, a med-high spec setting, raymir at whatever is appropriate, and perhaps most important, fresnel to taste. Bump maps and such are optional.

most important: REFLECTIONS. use RayMirror with a value around 0.80 or set up environment maps (see documentation)

Also, I have the best luck with colour settings for the base colour of almost pure black.

You will need to play with the other settings the guys above me mentioned till you get the material you want.


good old trick for metals :slight_smile:

yeah, mostly black material. but the most important thing: surroundings. you can only get good chrome reflections with a good enviroment, so not a standard plane under it, or a coloured cube around it.