Chromoly Ctools Collection and Quick Boolean

Looks like box cutter have a lots of companion this is from chromoly Quick boolean and Ctools collection
Quick boolean
And more here:


Is this a tool you developed?

Noup this tool was made by Chromoly a japanese artist and programmer here is his twitter

Love QuadView Move. Been using it for a few weeks since discovering it. Really should be a part of Blender’s default UI.

Lock 3D Cursor seems like it would be useful, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I’ve been meaning to message Chromoly (hoping he speaks English).

when you activated ctools in preference every tool have his help click and it will take you to the documentation


Lots of geometry cutting tools are poping recently. Here is example of my old scripts.

I has some bugs, so I’m waiting for new booleans in blender to be enabled again. Addon itself is not using booleans, but somehow bisect tool seems to be dependent on them.

any tip what does editmeshdrawnarest do?
Very nice tools btw.

Nice tool

edit mesh draw nearest is a display tool similar to preselect face but more advanced.

interesting stuff. I cant wait to see what pops up next! Awesome stuff!

Thanks, but I know how to get to the docs (not that they’re particularly helpful in this case:

The issue is that whether the “Lock” option is checked or not, LMB places the 3D cursor where I clicked.

saltorio, it’s working here, do you c=have any keymap changes that may affect it? Are you checking the box in ‘N’ key menu > 3D Cursor?
works perfect here on win 7 64

I don’t see any keymap settings that may be interfering. And yeah, using the checkbox in the Properties sidebar:


Running version from Buildbot (on Win 7 x64), so maybe that’s it. I’ve updated a few times since installing the add-on but it’s never worked for me.


Blender was crashing for me right after launch, I couldn’t even read the log. I removed the last addon from appdata folder which was this one and it fixxed the problem. Maybe it was an interference with an other addon… I don’t know…

I see an edit edge flow in development in github, and I am really exited about it. Subdivide smooth doesnt do a good job in most cases at keeping the curvature when adding loops. I miss this tool a lot coming from other softwares. Somebody has any information about that tool?, maybe is not what I think.

Good job. Thanks

Hi whaere could i download theses tools svp? i’m looking for he old chromoly ruler in 2.79, the link give as ctools a 404 and the chromoly repositiries is empty :-s

Tools were reuploaded here: BlenderNation

Thank you for the link Zimlorog!

Hi is there a port about ctools in the 2.8 ?