Chronoshift-Evolution of the Machine, a blender game project :)

Hi Guys,
First of all,
I am a student and a totally beginner in
Blender(although I have read and watch tutorials via web,I know there are many things we should learn)

We have this Title Proposal(which is an adventure game) entitled Chronoshift-Evolution of the Machine.

It is an adventure/puzzle game and at the same time, teaching and telling the History of the Computer…from the known Abacus to present. :wink:

So, the user can choose whether a male/female character role.

Strory of the Game.

What we need now and to be passed on Mar 18 is
a 3d model which can be controlled on a keyboard and animate such as walk

>Now, we have already know how to set animations on Model using the Action Editor(Armatures) and already familiarized Logic Box.

>We are now on the modeling stage and a little bit confuse on how we will make 2 characters and put some Clothes etc.

Can someone give us the principles of modelling in simple way or any tutorials that will help us in modelling so that we can passed it on or before 18. :frowning:

Please Post any suggestions and comments.

Thank You,
(sorry for the poor English)