So I’m gonna apply for a 3d school in the near future, and for that I need to send in some work samples, including an image made in 3d. Restrictions for the 3d part would be to model a doll, so the first that popped up in my mind was Chucky, the old horror doll :slight_smile:

So far I have only modeled/sculpted the head, but would love to hear some critique before I move on.

(note that it is not crucial that he looks 100% like the reference image, but I still want to get in the range so that one would know who it is at first glance)



great work!
I liked what you have so far!
My only critique, is that you need to smooth the chin a little bit, right now it looks weird!
looking foward to see some more progress! :wink:

Be careful! One of the difficulties of modeling “celebrities” is that once you get it into the recognizable range people star noticing all of the places it’s off. That’s not Chucky’s mouth. Chucky’s head isn’t shaped that way… Well it might not be that bad, but be careful.

It looks to me as if you’re sculpting. Don’t rely on sculpts and retopo to get you through. Include some poly-by-poly elements, particle hair, maybe a cloth sim. It doesn’t have to be perfect but show them you can figure out how to make a tool work And by all means tell them that it was made in Blender, that freaks people out. :smiley:

Good Luck!

So I added some clothes and hands to him, not sure if they are close to done or not though.

For the head I moved his forehead slightly forward, but the chin haven’t been smoothed yet, maybe in the future :slight_smile:

And on his right arm and in the throat area there is a gap wich will (if I manage to sculpt it) be looking like the sleave has been ripped of and then sewn back on very quickly. Anyone have some ideas on how to do this? And unless this is not too hard to make I will problably att some rips to his suspenders(?) aswell.

Plus the fine detail on his suspenders will be a bump unless someone sugessts something better :slight_smile:

Criticism is very appreciated.



So I’ve added almost all textures, and only got starting on the hair (obviously not done), but thats for tomorrow. A side not is that his “sideburns” will be pieces of hair stapled to the sides of his head, and thats why he doesn’t have hair there yet.

Thanks for watching and comments & critique is appreciated as always. :slight_smile: