Chun-Li: Art Nouveau

Hello everyone!

Here is my latest game-ready character project.

Given this was a project I already made back in 2021, I wanted to see how my skills have improved these last three years as a 3D artist (kind of a glow-up, y’know).

Also, I wanted to try to improve skeletal deformation using Drivers and Shape keys, which could, in term, even be used for muscular deformations.


The result below is already pretty good with only one shape key and what little polygons I had, and I think it opens the door for more complex muscular simulations that could easily work in a game engine.

As usual with this kind of projects, my goal here was to have as little polygons and texture sets as possible, without compromising visual quality as best as I could.

The design is based off a concept by Razvan-Sedekiah, which you can see below.

DeviantArt link

Modeling, sculpting, rigging, rendering, hair cards : Blender
Baking : Marmoset Toolbag
Texturing : Substance 3D Painter

You can see more renders on my ArtStation page.

Hope you like it!


I think that what catches my eye first is the girl’s expression, which is entirely believable. The specular details of the eyes and lips work extremely well. The edges of the frame are slightly shaded as by a spotlight. The skin is “a little white,” but I know that performers often used that kind of makeup. The very strong leg and the suggestion of some kind of lens-distortion actually adds to the effect that I think you intended. Very nice work.

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Thanks a lot!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the featured row! :+1:

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wow! what a flirty girl!

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