Cigarette death

Modelled with blender and rendered with cycles.
Gimp used for the smoke.

Inspiration from an image on the net.
I added a second version with the man trying to stand up.

Very nice render!

i don’t really give a fuck about the message and stuff, you see it everywhere so you start to ignore it, but the render is awesome :wink:

I am a smoker too. Thanks for your reply by the way.

Very nicely done indeed; great ash, very good burning/ash texture.

Consider submitting it here-

Is the ash individually molded, or a particle system?

I love it! how did you render the smoke in cycles?

The ash is a particle system. I am submiting straight away.

I really like the second version with the ash man crawling, in the first version I didn’t see him at all.

Really great image, the only thing I can think of to improve is the ashes still stuck to the cigarette. Most often it will collapse on itself so it should probably be a slope rather than a perfectly intact tube :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, other than that it’s great.

beautiful,little disturbing.i feel the body could have some embers(1st image)

The smoke is made with gimp sorry i did not mentioned in earlier.

Here is a link to the constructive critique page for this image, just scroll down. :slight_smile:

maybe you see it everywhere for a reason :wink:

awesome job :smiley:

like the second one more but I feel the man is falling down :frowning:
nasty 'orrible 'abit that’s harder to drop then an “h”