Cigarette Smoke

Are there any tutorials to make wispy/twirling and random smoke sims like for cigarette smoke? Because I really want to know how but i don’t know how to make it. the regular smoke sim isnt workink

Example of what I want: Reyn’s cigarette smoke

the example you supply has a download link to the project file. Might be worth looking in there and filling us in on how it was accomplished.

Sorry for the late reply, but he just used an alpha picture and used alpha mask so it looked like it was a simulation! :3

Hi there, I believe this thread is relevant in asking what I want.

It is about simulating a nightcrawler smoke effects, pretty similar to the cigarette smoke.

I am kind of getting there but i think the inner smoke is still thick. I would like more transparency.

It would be nice if someone here help me doing this. Thank you in advance :wink:

Hi there, I was able to figure out the issue by myself. I just leave what I have done for future reference.

1st picture is the node tree of domain, where I struggled and was stuck at that point.
2nd was my solution. did it with comp. added negative brightness in there, which brought this result.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: